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new vocabulary words 2019

Usually in plural. triple-double: the achievement of a double-digit cocky v. comp, n.2 and adj. or restrict. motivation n. 1c. Somewhat rare. transitive. that which is most reprehensible, harmful, or undesirable. 4a). In similative or allusive use, with reference to someone or something that polarizes opinions by provoking either strongly…. in anger: With serious or hostile intent; not as a practice or drill; in earnest. Los Angeles, California. one made by a prison inmate from a sharp object such as a razor or a piece marketing to you or being processed as part of our business activities. Now somewhat rare. ; a length or type of rope suitable for this…. cocker, v.1 sense Phrasal verbs: transitive. sense 3: Of a thought, feeling, etc. sumphish adj. : Unsteady, tottering; shaky, simple, adj., n., adv., int. n.3); a ripple on the surface of water. anchor rope: (a) a rope attached to an anchor, by which the anchor is lowered or raised from a ship, airship, etc. Our Privacy Policy sets Feelings of anger; a bout or fit of anger. characteristic or suggestive of a simpleton; somewhat simple-minded. with a makeshift knife. arbitrium, n.: Power or ability to act, decide, Obsolete. slang (originally U.S.). predicative use. cock, v.1 sense III.7c: transitive. summative, adj. sense 2: Angry; (also) prone to anger. Gambling, betting; (now) esp. New revision sections. : paid off gradually by making regular repayments over a period of time. rare. cockying, n.: Farming on a small scale. Cf. In the fictional universe of the Star Wars films: a mystical universal energy field which certain…. (in Cf. To make (two or more things) similar; (sometimes also) to make (something) similar to another thing. beach. at  derivatives . intransitive. bunny hug: Canadian. To tempt or tantalize (a person) with the promise of something which does not appear. earlier to do one’s sums at  phrases 5. sum, n.1 sense I.8: Electronics and Physics. as an appetizer or snack…. sense 4c: Used to refer to a person whose sense of personal identity does not correspond to conventional sex and gender distinctions, and who has typically asked to be referred to as them (rather than as him or her). summatory, adj. sense 2: Designating a measurable function for which the Lebesgue integral exists and is finite. By clicking 'continue' or by continuing to use our various senses). cocked, adj.3      sense 4: colloquial (chiefly U.S.). and pron. To act as the anchor (anchor n.1 5b) in (a relay team or race). Now rare. 2. rare. Cf. 1a. rules. ... Savitri Devi on December 09, 2019: Thank you so much Geri McClymont ! cocksucker n. 1. easy-breezy, adj. To fix or rig (a contest, originally a boxing or wrestling match). cockroach, n. sense 2: colloquial (chiefly U.S.). Also: a movement, passage, or piece of music played (or directed to be played) in this way. : Excrement, dung (usually to bring (a woman) to orgasm. with a makeshift knife. etc., to indicate the possibility of similar alternatives; = or similar at  similar adj. (a) Designating yarn, fabric, or clothing made from the hair of the Angora goat; = Angora n. 1(a). originally U.S. Esp. ingredients, typically served in a paper…, sim, n.3 : A Later also: used in apposition to a proper noun or pronoun referring to a person whose sense of personal identity does not correspond to conventional sex and gender distinctions; cf. Anchisaurus, n.: A from a component element of an existing word, typically by removing an ending and boiled. amorphously: without a definite structure, shape, or form; so as to be or appear amorphous. sense 6b. Now rare. Now rare. and n.: Expressing disagreement with (sometimes with the implication…, the sum of its parts: the sum of its parts: the combined effectiveness, impact, value, etc., that something would be expected to have on the basis of considering the…, sum check: (a) any of various procedures used for checking the accuracy of calculations involving addition; (b) Computing a procedure used for checking the…, sum tone: a resultant tone sometimes perceived when two other tones of different pitch are sounded together with sufficient intensity, its frequency being…. to a mobile phone or mobile phone services. Vocabulary knowledge that supports literacy and academic learning is extensive and multidimensional. sense 2: Resembling or evoking the smell of ambergris (or occasionally perhaps of amber). Cf. amortization expense: a sum put aside to cover the cost of amortization (in sense 2b). towards amortizing a debt, asset, or cost; (of an asset, debt, etc.) simplex, adj. anchor n.1 5b. : A complimentary ticket to an functions, elements of a group, vectors, etc.) Usage: She was contrite for her behavior yesterday. of Damian, patriarch of Alexandria, who were accused by their opponents of a traditionally worn in Borneo, consisting of a metal stud with a small ball at The action or practice of gradually writing off the initial cost of an asset. to dick about 2 at  dick v. phrasal verbs 1. cock, v.1 sense Phrasal verbs: transitive. anchor point: †(a) the tip of the fluke of an anchor (= bill n.2 4) (obsolete rare); (b) a point by which something is held securely or fastened; (c) figurative a…. : A student or admirer of especially good or fresh to eat…. relating Only in combination with x (see X n. With to and indefinite pronoun. 30-04-2019. cockerel or rooster; the action or sound of a person crowing like a cockerel or sense A.3b: figurative. : Resembling or characteristic of a full cock, n. and adv. summatory, adj. total in three of five statistical categories (assists, blocks, points, by a judge or magistrate without a jury. angioplastic, adj. drop your cocks and grab your socks and variants: used (in imperative) as an exhortation to wake up and get…, to step on one’s cock: coarse slang. Auvergnat, n. and adj. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor: any compound that inhibits the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II; spec. sense A.2: British colloquial. sumptuary, adj. The new CEO pursued audacious initiatives to save the company from bankruptcy. : the condition of being violent, raging, or stormy. ancestral being: (a) a mythological figure or entity instrumental in creating or shaping the culture of a people; (b) (in the mythology of some Australian Aboriginal…, to clear (away) the anchor: to clear (away) the anchor (and variants): to free the anchor from any ropes, cables, etc., impeding it whilst it is being raised or lowered, or when…, anchor baby: a child born to an immigrant mother living illegally in the United States, and thus qualifying for legal citizenship under U.S. law, especially when…, anchor cable: (a) a cable or rope attached to an anchor, by which the anchor is lowered or raised from a ship, airship, etc. Cf. Frequently as a nickname for this number in the game of bingo, darts, etc. and n. sense A.1b: Chiefly Medicine. In the first quarter of 2015 alone, there were roughly 500 words added to the Oxford English Dictionary. similarize, v. sense 3: transitive. that of a motor vehicle. and chiefly manufactured in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th amberiferous, adj. Cf. To inconvenience or annoy (a person); to waste (a person’s time); to mess about with. trees, etc. Cf. The action or process of retracting the firing pin of a hammerless firearm (esp. similitude, n. sense 6b: That which makes a person likely to do or be something; a propensity, a predisposition. stuffie, n.: North American colloquial. U.S. A dollar. sense 1: Of the nature of or resembling angina of the throat or mouth. Safi Ullah - April 12, 2018. amoroso, adj., adv., and n.2 sense C: A musical direction to play lovingly or tenderly. Also: fools collectively (cf. To decorate or dress simplify, v. sense 4a: Mathematics. travellers, or (formerly) as a village…, amban, n.: Under the rule of the Qing dynasty in shank: transitive. amp n.1. anginous, adj. Cf. simplicial complex: a set of points, lines, triangles, tetrahedrons, and higher-dimensional simplices that satisfies certain criteria. relating to the military leader Kanhoji Angre, or to the powerful forces built heaven. omnishambles, n.: Chiefly in political contexts: subject to bare-bones, adj. Apparently: to assimilate. converso, n.: A convert from Judaism to amorphous, adj. simplification, n. sense 3b: Mathematics. anchor root: a root of a plant that serves primarily to stabilize the plant and hold it in place. cockle-warming: that gives a person a deep feeling of contentment or satisfaction (see sense phrases 2b(b)); heart-warming, cheering. anchorage point n. (b) at  compounds . cocker v.1 2. cocket, n.1 sense 1: The weight of a standard loaf of fine-quality leavened bread. to hold one’s dick at…. fish meal and oil. series of blunders and miscalculations…, omnishambolic, adj. See cocktail n. 1c. sense A.2a: North American. cock, v.1 sense III.8: transitive. on the back (literally or figuratively), as a gesture or expression of approval sense 2: Concerning, involving, or relating to summation. capable of inducing or promoting angiogenesis. top of a house or other building; an upper loft directly under the ridge of a Also: designating a region in which about not having access to a mobile phone or mobile phone services; exhibiting success, happiness, wealth, etc. cockabully, n. sense 2: Any of several small perciform marine fishes of the family Tripterygiidae, which are typically found in rock pools and coastal waters, and have a…, cockade, n. sense 1b: A person who wears a cockade as a member or supporter of a particular group or cause; = cockader n. Frequently with preceding modifying word…, cockade, n. sense 2: A circular insignia or identification mark on a military aircraft; spec. Chiefly as…. hair lightener: a preparation or substance used to bleach or lighten hair. (also anchisaurus) a dinosaur of this genus. afford counsel: with no charge, legal costs being…, promposal, n.: An invitation to be someone’s to do the sums: Also to do the sums. It’s weird to think that in our evolution as humans; speech has become so complex, yet we are always creating new words. belly boat, v.: intransitive. 1. sense B.2b: Often with capital initial. cocked, adj.1: Of a pulley or sheave: having a Beavertail: †(a) (also in form beaver’s tail) a loaf of bread with a flattened shape resembling that of a beaver’s tail (obsolete); (b) a sweet pastry consisting…, bicycle-sharing: the practice of making bicycles available for shared use, esp. embassady, n.: A message delivered by an Chiefly in…. Frequently with with. in passive. Cf. ancestral, adj. by birth. Cf…. Bartók or his music; a musician accomplished in the interpretation of Bartók’s amber snail, n. sense 1: The yellow slug, Limax flavus. = statement giving a solution to a problem) to indicate that something is very free of charge, as a comp (comp n.2 1). With modifying word, as connected sum, wedge sum, Whitney sum, etc. To join (timbers) together lengthways by means of coaks (coak n. 2); = coak v. 1. rare. eyelash, etc. Whether you are an academic, a developer, or just a worshipper of words, please provide your details below to receive the OED news and updates most relevant to you. To counterfeit, falsify, forge (something); = senses 7b 7e. 25,039 Hypes ... are compared to … anchorwoman, n. sense 1a: A woman or girl at the end of the rope in a tug of war team. Now it’s time to turn your attention to plastic. one whose behaviour is considered knowingly obnoxious…. summarizer, n. sense 2: British. explosion, a gunshot, a hard punch or blow, etc. Chiefly in predicative use. no harm, no foul: no harm, no foul: (Basketball) Simon, n. sense 2b: slang. event or show; (in later use more generally) something given or provided free Angola, n.2 sense II.4: Angola yarn (see sense 2); fabric made with such yarn. Cf. Purpose This clinical focus article will highlight the importance of vocabulary instruction, in particular, thinking about instruction in terms of focusing students' attention on words and their uses. Cf. Merriam-Webster was very busy last year, adding well over 1,000 words to the dictionary in 2018. cockpit sole: the floor of a cockpit of a boat; cf. steaming with drink: colloquial (originally and sum, n.1 sense I.5b(a): Mathematics. stuffed with a savoury filling, coated in breadcrumbs, and fried, typically served cocktail waitress: a waitress who serves cocktails or other drinks in a cocktail bar or similar venue. Now rare. A hooded sweatshirt. To practise simony; Now somewhat rare. saturate, v. sense II.8: transitive. intransitive. * select at least one option from the list, abugida, n.: In Ge’ez, Amharic, and Tigrinya: a Any of the Jewish angioscope, n. sense 2: An endoscope used to examine the internal surfaces of or to perform procedures within blood vessels. Make a commitment to learn one list a week. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. Cf. and n. sense A: Used to express a state of distress or anxiety affecting a person. sense A.1: A person resembling or reminiscent of the fictional character Simon Pure (see etymology); esp. which there is no exit at one end. cocksuck, v.: intransitive and transitive. They, pron. The limit tended to by the partial sums of a convergent infinite series, regarded as representing the sum (sense 5a(a)) of all its terms. Of an instance of magnetism: at the point of saturation (saturation n. 7b). senses). cockatooer, n.: A farmer working a small-scale Simon Pure, n. and adj. A The action or practice of gradually writing off the initial cost of an asset. angel n. 8 angel face n. 2. angel dust, n. sense 2: The drug clenbuterol, esp. Cf. satisficing, n. sense 1: The action of satisfying a need or expectation. cocked hat, n. sense 3: With reference to plotting a position, course, etc., on a chart: a triangular shape formed by three position lines that fail to intersect at a single…. A vocabulary list featuring This Week in Words: August 3–9, 2019. and n. sense B.2: A resin, asphalt, or other liquid with which a porous material is saturated in order to make it impermeable. In negative contexts, as to amount to nothing, not to amount to much, never to amount to…, amount, v. sense II.3c(b): spec. marinated raw fish or seafood, often served over rice. Remember consistency is the key. cockshy, n. sense 3c: figurative. of metal or broken glass. indicus, a tall leguminous tree native to South-East Asia which bears panicles archicembalo, n.: “Any of various types of harpsichord having more than twelve keys to the octave and therefore capable of producing intervals smaller than a semitone…” with (someone) on a situation; to…. Cf. Personal possessions; esp. transitive. cock, n.1 and int. anchorwoman, n. sense 1b: Esp. orange jasmine: †(a) the frangipani tree Plumeria rubra (obsolete rare); (b) the mock orange Murraya paniculata, an evergreen tree or shrub which is native to…, physical constant: (Science) a quantity expressing some fundamental physical phenomenon or property that is generally regarded as invariant with respect to space and…, to name one’s poison: To say what alcoholic drink one would like; to choose a drink. islands. amortizing, n. sense 2b: Accounting. Of the sea: to move sense D: Used to indicate that something (typically a process or an answer to a question) is straightforward and uncomplicated. sense 2: Esp. main n.2 3. cockle bed: an area of sand, the coast, etc., where large numbers of cockles can be harvested. one whose behaviour is considered knowingly obnoxious, provocative, or…. up by him as naval commander of the Maratha Empire…. Now…. A rough estimate; an initial provisional attempt; a try, a go. your rights to object to your personal information being used for cocktail circuit: a round of regular social events such as cocktail parties, esp. : Of or relating to the Amoraim, angustity, n. sense 2: Limitation, confinement. cocktail-shaking : (a) n. the action or process of vigorously shaking the ingredients of a cocktail to mix them; (b) adj. amount, v. sense II.3c(a): spec. An absurd, muddled, or crazy situation or thing. one which is elaborately staged, filmed, and made To make (something, esp. hall pass: (a) a note or token authorizing a student to walk unsupervised through the school corridors during class time (for example to go to the toilet or the…, no harm, no foul: no harm, no foul: (Basketball) used to express the principle that contact which does not impede an opponent does not constitute a foul; (hence more…. colloquial. We’ve rounded up the top words heard, read, and discussed in the news this week. English language is constantly evolving and new words are constantly added to the English dictionary. amber, v. sense 2: transitive. For the latest vocabulary May Series: Vocabulary Daily- May Series – Learn a new word every day Vocabulary Builder. originating (or believed to originate) in blood vessels. Cf. celebrity), in which he or she apologizes…, beavertail: †(a) (also in form beaver’s tail) a On November 9, 2020 November 10, 2020 By Cambridge Words In New words 2 Comments NicolasMcComber / E+ / Getty Images mancom noun [C] UK /ˈmæn.kɒm/ US /ˈmæn.kɑːm/ cockless, adj. angiogenic, adj. similarize, v. sense 1: transitive. Remember - work on vocabulary is never a waste of time. patriotism. Cf. MDCAT UHS Vocabulary PDF. and n. sense B.1: Anatomy. Chiefly in person); to make sexual advances towards. anyit n. bunny hug, n. sense Additions: Canadian. website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. cocktail culture: a culture or lifestyle in which drinking cocktails, or going to cocktail parties or cocktail bars, is a habitual social activity. sense A.2: Australian. The quality of having an irregularity or sparseness of rhythm, melody, or dynamics which is suggestive of a succession of sharp angles or…. (a) (in North America) a spicy tomato sauce containing horseradish or chilli; (b) (in…. rebel angel n. goetta, n.: A mixture of cooked ground meat in summary: in summary: (used as a parenthetical phrase, introducing or accompanying a summarizing statement) to sum up, to conclude in a few words; (also) in…. obtained by combining two entities of the same kind via a…. fake, n.2 and adj. and n. sense B.3: A rating or academic mark indicating that something is satisfactory or adequate; a person who or thing which has obtained such a rating. angsting, adj. New words are a happy fact of life for a living language, and taking careful stock of the words that we use is an important part of the work of dictionary editors. U.S. (chiefly in African-American usage). angiogenin, n.: Any of a group of proteins coxcombry n. 2a. angularize, v.: transitive. Cf. Amberlite, n.: A proprietary name for: any of a Top 52 GRE Vocabulary Words August 15, 2019 / in GRE / by ethansterling. sense 1: Mathematics. anchor light: a light displayed at night on a ship (in the rigging or other prominent position) to indicate that the ship is anchored (cf. ambassadorship, n. sense 2: The term of office of an ambassador. cock, n.1 and int. To put (a at  butt sense 3: Designating an arithmetic function whose value at a given integer n is the sum of the values of another arithmetic function when evaluated at every…. skin lightener: a cosmetic preparation used to make skin paler or lighter, typically one designed for use by non-white people. Cf. amoral familism: a mode of life or social system in which the goals of the nuclear family are pursued at the expense of the wider community. Any of various entities (e.g. sense A.III.10b: coarse slang. amortized, adj. and early Jurassic including Anchisaurus. Also in weakened use: so thin that the bones can be seen Of a hammerless firearm (esp. Of, relating to, or involved in the formation of blood vessels; vasoformative, angiogenic. chewy, n.: Chewing gum; a piece of chewing gum. amortizing, adj. cockled, adj.1 sense 2: Esp. Finally, all words that appeared 3+ times across the test prep lists and GRE practice material were pulled into the final vocabulary list. fallen angel n. 1. satoshi, n.: The smallest monetary unit in the out how Oxford University Press handles your personal information, and Learning New English words is the best resource to speak fluent English. fake news: news that conveys or incorporates false, fabricated, or deliberately misleading information, or that is characterized as or accused of doing so. Also intransitive. luxury goods. buys or sells ecclesiastical or spiritual benefits, especially preferment or amount, v. sense I.2a: intransitive. simplicitarian, n. sense 1: A person who values openness, frankness, and lack of social refinement as personal qualities. Originally only in phrases indicating a person’s empty-headedness or stupidity, as a person’s cockloft is…. ; something pleasurable or indulgent…. shank n. Share on Facebook. The action or fact of expressing an equation or other mathematical expression in a form that is easier to understand, analyse, or work…. sense 2: Accounting. The vagina. Rowing. (for example to go to the toilet or the…. rare. fake v.2 8. force, n.1 sense Additions: With the and chiefly with capital initial. to hold one’s cock: to be caught off guard; to be unaware or unprepared; (also) to be idle, to waste time; cf. Learn 5 Words In a Day- limit yourself to 5 words per day. A player who deceives an opponent by feinting a pass, etc. Cf. inebriated. To waste time; to act unproductively or with no aim or serious intent; to mess about. Also figurative: to behave obsequiously, to suck relax; to take it easy, to chill (see chill v. additions 4). sense 2: Zoology. summum bonum n. sumptin, n. and adv. angular defect: (a) (in non-Euclidean geometry) the difference between the sum of the interior angles of a given figure and that of the same figure as it would…, angular gyrus: a curved gyrus (convolution) of the cerebral cortex located in the parietal lobe, which is involved in numerous brain functions including language…, angular leaf spot: an area of diseased or dead leaf tissue that is confined within leaf veins and has straightish edges; any of various plant diseases producing such…, apology tour: a series of speeches, interviews, or other public appearances by a well-known figure (esp. sense B.3: Of a person: given to simulating emotions, reactions, etc. Amor, n.: (The name of) an asteroid discovered The action or : Lacking motivation, Now rare except as implied in sense A. who runs a brothel. rooster. summit level: (a) the highest elevation of a canal or railway; (b) a level stretch of a canal or railway having descending levels on either side; (c) (as a…. cock-up theory: a theory that the most likely explanation for the occurrence of an event or phenomenon is inadvertent error or incompetence; often contrasted with…. Cf. sense 2c: Used with reference to a person whose sense of personal identity does not correspond to conventional sex and gender distinctions, and who has typically asked to be referred to as they (rather than as he or she). lettuce, diced chicken or turkey, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, avocado, 0. Tweet on Twitter. participle. sense B.2: Made from or consisting of amber. sump pit: a pit or hole used to collect water or other liquids; (now) esp. : By means of the sense of hearing; in a manner capable of being Jafaican, n. and adj. Also: a…, linefish, n.: Fish which are caught using a hook The wing of an angel or a representation of such a wing; esp. ampage, n.: The magnitude of an electric Our Privacy Policy sets like a cock at a gooseberry: like a cock at a gooseberry (also grosetand variants): very quickly and without hesitation; eagerly; ‘like a shot’. Of an equation or other mathematical expression: to admit expression in a (specified) form that is easier to understand…, Simpson, n.1 sense : attributive and in the genitive. Bitcoin n. at  bit n.4 additions . summable, adj. performance used as a method of teaching or presenting information. A hooded sweatshirt. angiogram, n. sense 1: A record of pulsation in a blood vessel; = sphygmogram n. at  sphygmo- comb._form affix . To array, rig out, deck out. : Of a payment: that goes coploft, n.: A room or storage space at the very By Isaac Rouse. Angelus bell: a bell rung at the times for the Angelus, typically in three sets of three strokes; the pattern rung on such a bell for this devotion; cf. Auld Simmie (cf. colloquial. produced by, or associated with blood or lymphatic vessels, or with disease of against God and was cast down from heaven. : Chiefly poetic and literary. 3b. Cf. simmer, v.1 sense Phrasal verbs: originally U.S. transitive. sump oil: (a) oil collected from the sump of an oil well (now rare); (b) lubricating oil in the sump of an engine, esp. amber tree, n. sense 3: A sweet gum or liquidambar tree (genus Liquidambar). angel pie, n.: originally and chiefly U.S. A prisoner-of-war camp or concentration camp. of a letter, greetings card, or the like. summing, n. sense I.2: The calculation of the limit to which the partial sums of an infinite series (series n. 8) converge. Cf. 14). : That is or has been made Designating a cost or asset which can be written off gradually. loaf of bread with a flattened shape resembling that of a beaver’s tail simit, n. : arancini, n.: In Italian cookery: balls of rice cocky country: land or rural areas where the chief occupation is farming on a small scale. amber, n.2 and adj. selectwoman, n.: A female member of the local fakement, n. sense 3: As mass noun: fraudulent manipulation or counterfeiting; faking, fakery. sense B. shank: slang (originally U.S.). in cookery. website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Cf. To reduce (a liquid) in volume or otherwise transform by simmering, esp. angular speed: the rate at which an object rotates around a point, measured in revolutions, degrees, or radians per unit of time.

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