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is turtle healthy to eat

“Semi-moist foods will have a lower percentage of protein and fat due to the higher moisture content of the food,” he says. They are given strictly raw, cannot be boiled. If you want to feed your animal live protein, mealworms, snails, wax worms, beetle larvae, or even small goldfish are great. But which plants do they exactly eat is not properly known. While they are generally discerning, it is possible your turtle will eat something they shouldn't. “Brand is a little less important, because no single food should be the staple diet for aquatic turtles.”. - Commercial pelleted food: It’s best to buy food made just for turtles, as this food will float and typically not fall apart as easily as pelleted food designed for other reptiles, Dr. Starkey says. While many would say that the alligator would end up having the turtle as a meal, this isn't what happened in this incident because the turtle had some other plans. Mary. For protein, your turtle can eat cooked chicken, turkey, or raw beef. Learn more on what turtles eat. Domesticated turtles eat lettuce, dandelion, plantain and alfalfa, thistle and sorrel, lawn grass, leaves, and stalks of legumes (peas or beans). When choosing a turtle, you’ll have to figure out if it will spend most of … They are best when prepared in a soup or goulash. Water turtles enjoy some meals like fish, fruits, vegetables, insects and worms. A turtle's arms and legs, or fins, are also edible. A turtle's tail and neck are edible. If it’s herbivorous, your pet turtle can eat only fruits and vegetables. It is a healthy and well-rounded diet that does not require any extra mineral or vitamin supplements. Once you throw it in your turtle’s tank, it stays afloat, allowing your pet turtle to pick and eat it comfortably. Painted turtles are some of the most commonly kept aquatic turtles, and they generally eat high-protein foods like insects, snails, and fish. You might think that painted turtles in the wild love to eat and catch fish, but the reality is far different. You can boil them or fry them, and after you've... Fins/Limbs. Additionally, blockage can occur when your turtles eat to many indigestible foods such as shell or bones or from internal parasites. That varies with the size of your turtle, but generally a portion of pelleted food may last 4 to 6 weeks, depending on supplemental feeding and pet size, says Dr. Starkey. You should speak to a vet from Vetwork if you are uncertain about how to correctly feed your turtle. We are waiting for you at Vetwork, to consult outstanding veterinarians who are available requesting a home visit vet, video consulting service with a vet, dog walking, pet training, dog behavior modification classes, pet grooming, pet boarding, insect repellent for pets. Turtles love to eat, usually they will eat everything that you put in front of them, and this includes vegetables. Turtles have special dietary needs. Feeders like comet goldfish provide a great source of protein, just like well-balanced... 2. Click one of our member below to chat on. You might be surprised the first time you see the turtle having white poop, but it is important to understand this is almost always healthy. Your turtle is attracted to movement and may … Stick with around 1 cup of food per day, then increase or decrease that amount depending on how your turtle responds. “That’s why it’s important to supplement with calcium and mineral powders,” he says. There are also commercially available diets, such as pellets, that can provide complete nutrition for turtles. Pros. Only healthy turtles should be put into hibernation and having a vet give your pets a clean bill of health is good sign they can handle it.

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