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Although nettle is generally considered to be safe and nontoxic, there are some side effects associated with its improper use. Iron deficiency is also a leading cause of anemia, a condition characterized by low levels of red blood cells. Since it helps remove excess fluid from the body, nettle tea also prevents edema. 2017;16(Suppl):112-118. Nettle tea during pregnancy is a nutrition-packed alternative, as it is high in magnesium, calcium and iron, which are all exceptional and essential minerals to ingest during pregnancy. As with all herbal remedies, it is highly recommended that you consult with a doctor or herbalist before beginning treatment with nettle tea. High magnesium and calcium content in nettle gives it a profoundly nourishing effect on sore muscles. I looked into it and am now drinking it daily. One of the oldest ways to use the stinging nettle leaf was as a remedy for joint pain. Potassium, iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and phosphorus are only a few of the many minerals that nettle tea is rich in. Nettle is a good source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital for muscular function, the nervous and glandular systems and is of paramount importance in regulating all vitamin and mineral metabolism, including the absorption of calcium. However, stinging nettles make a fantastic tonic herb and culinary herb and can be used as an ingredient in everything from pasta dishes to soups and stews to herbal teas and tonics. Stinging nettle tea is most often used to treat urinary tract or bladder infections, but the medicinal benefits of the plant go much further. Indigestion isn’t only utterly irritating, but it is draining at the same time. The Spruce Eats uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. This discussion is closed to comments. Other purported benefits are not yet supported by scientific research. Inflammation is your body’s way of healing itself and fighting infections. Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills to the next level. A natural insect repellant, when sprayed on leaves it can help plants resist insect and fungal attacks. You might also hear nettle tea referred to as one of the following: The stinging nettle plant (Urtica dioica) is the best known of the family of nettle plants, also known as the genus Urtica in the family Urticaceae. I have a yogurt for lunch daily that claims about 200 or 250 mg. Some studies demonstrate that nettle may have at least minor effects in managing and easing allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, congestion, itching, and inflammation.. Today, it is often thought of as a superfood or super herb. Anemia prevention 598 Replies, I am of the thinking that I don't want to deny myself of things I enjoy in my life, and also wondering if Maybe I'm in denial abut my severe ... Love your website. Urinary tract health. Stinging nettle root is used in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia, especially by European medical practitioners, and this is supported by research. Strengthen Bones. The leaves are packed with more minerals, especially magnesium and calcium, than a … For this reason, it is widely appreciated as a healthful drink. 24 Replies, I'm struggling to come up with a comprehensive list of possible supplements to take--Tango has been helping me with that. Reading their descriptions of the benefits some of them indicate ... Efficacy of Supportive Therapy of Allergic Rhinitis by Stinging Nettle root extract: a Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo- Controlled, Clinical Trial. I agree with the researchers that a cup of herbal tea may not be an important source of minerals, but it’s not negligible. So it is recommended for management of allergies as well. 18 Replies, Anyone taking strontium citrate supplement in lieu of prescription drugs? Would realy like to know Sincerely Iola. The most common vitamins found in stinging nettle tea include vitamins A and K. When it comes to minerals, the concoction contains boron, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and strontium. Pain relief. Benefits, Uses, & Recipes, 5 Delicious Ways to Cook Stinging Nettles, Health Benefits of 7 Southeast Asian Herbs and Spices, What Is Neem Tea? It also contains numerous phytonutrients and antioxidants, including acetic acid, beta-carotene, betaine, caffeic acid, and lycopene. If prepared correctly, nettle tea is high enough in calcium to be considered an aid in bone-building. Fights Inflammation. I certainly would like to find out and I will get back on the trail in a month or so. (Taraxacum Officinale), What Is Peppermint Tea? For optimum nutrition, I drink nourishing herbal infusions every day. I fell off the lader fell over backwards on the grass. Benefits, Uses, & Recipes. To start a new discussion in this community, please click here. Nettle is one of the wonder plants that nature has gifted us with. According to a study published in Food Science & Nutrition, nettle flour delivers bone-fortifying calcium, magnesium, and iron. I have been on Calcium and Vit D supplementation ... When it comes to pregnancy, this is especially more pronounced, giving women an even better reason to consume nettle tea. Lindsey Goodwin is a food writer and tea consultant with more than 12 years of experience exploring tea production and culture. For example, a tea made from one of the following herbs (1 ounce of any one of the dried herbs steeped for 4 hours in 1 quart of water) provides 250 to 300 mg of calcium per cup. This can benefit … Blood purifier and way to increase circulation. … Nettle tea, made from dried nettle leaves, is perhaps best known for its high mineral content. This is not a scientific citation but I am pasting a paragraph from Susun Weed's page: 82 Replies, Dr Keith McCormick DC, has made a 3-part video series called: Understanding the Natural Approach to Osteoporosis Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 In ... The tea is also an excellent alternative to milk for vegans and those with lactose intolerance. Health food store ? I enjoy a cup of hot tea with honey. Also known as Stinging Nettle Tea. Vitamins in Nettle Tea. Since they contain silica nettles may improve your hair, nails and skin. When using herbs for calcium, be sure to use dried. I used to be able to take it without too much problem, but lately, it really dries me out, especially my eyes. The one downside to nettle infusions/tea is that it is a strong diuretic, which may be a problem for people with adrenal exhaustion/weakness. Having several biologically active compounds, the tea made from nettle has a lot of medicinal benefits. You mentioned that you are interested in a citation on the content. 31 Replies, I have just looked on the web pages of some supplement providers who sell K2. 20 Replies, So about 2 months ago, I was picking cherries and on a lader. It also assists with numerous stomach concerns such as IBS, constipation and bloating. It might aid treatment for a variety of health conditions, both those supported by scientific research and those touted in natural healing and alternative medicine. Cures nephritis The … It is often considered to be one of the best herbal infusions for overall health and wellness. The Nettle Tea Benefits go further still thanks to its anti-inflammatory … Side effects tend to be more common when the root is made into tea than when the tea is made from nettle leaves.

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