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pitbull vs tiger who would win

that's the way the tiger sees the 3 pitbull. How long will the footprints on the moon last? majority of the time, pitbull would win vs a tiger 01-08-2016, 10:44 AM #21. colbski. Large cats are very strong. Leopards are the gorilla's main predator, and they're much smaller than lions. Password Calendar: Free Registration: Mark Forums Read: Page 1 of 5: 1: 2: 3 > Last » … Kangal dog will win Pitbull in the dogfight because the Kangal’s teeth are more long and sharp than pitbull’s. Pitbulls may win it due to sheer numbers 0. reply. save hide report. Who would win? May 5, 2000 228 0 0. who would win between a fully grown male Tiger and a fully grown male lion? dog fight PITBULL vs PITBULL There is no way 3 pitbulls could inflict decisive damage before the tiger incapacitates them. If left in an Octagon like structure by themselves. In a fight between these two animals, there are high chances that a bear will win. This thread is archived. Primitivo, Mar 6, 2017 #2. kenetics Silver Belt. Blue_Mason Badges ... 3 or 4 pitbulls vs the gorilla would be a fairer fight. View Profile View Forum Posts Visit Homepage blowing loads Join Date: Jan 2009 Location: United States Posts: 4,720 Rep Power: 23368. What are the disadvantages of primary group? Now theres a fight. Does anyone have an idea what kind of spider it is? I told you the answer but you are really sick and stupid if you are in a dogfight how could you take your dog to fight like this if you lose your dog will die even you win you are still a bad person to me. And only one side walked out alive. The latter account for 5% of all main courses on the tiger menu (true, they are mostly Himalayan bears). Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? Easily the lion. A mouse is smaller in size than a rat meaning that it can encounter difficulty while fighting a rat. A single paw strike could prove fatal for the pitbull. In terms of physical ability, a rat has stronger muscles and can easily harm a mouse. A pit would … Fanghur 14 Fanghur 14 Quark; Senior Members; 14 170 posts; Location: Ontario, Canada; Posted January 12, 2012. A bull's charge and weight will knock down a tiger fast, but tigers have been known to kill animals larger than its size. In ancient Rome, lions and tigers were often pitted against each other in arenas for the purposes of cruel entertainment. The Lion will beat the gorilla because it is the more powerful animal. stronger than a pitbull. Before the fight began, those running the bettor set the odds at 1 to 37,000 that the tiger would win. When did Elizabeth Berkley get a gap between her front teeth? In case of a fight between these two animals, there are high chances that a rat will win. Its claws are quite long and can tear the hide of a bull. Who would win? Megalodon vs Predator X? Anonymous: if the Caucasian Shepherd would win every fight then they'd be in the professional dog rings where there is no weight limit and there is no money limit: the best fighting dogs in the world are Pit Bulls. The bull’s ability to fight is only limited to its head. Pitbull: 35 - 55 lbs. pitbulls are pure muscle and much more agile. ? What do you think of the answers? 0 0. Inter state form of sales tax income tax? 5. Sort by. In … A Jaguar can reach 700 pounds of pressure, and Siberian Tiger 950. vs Pitbull Lifespan: 8 – 15 years Mass: Male: 35 – 65 lbs (Adult), Female: 30 – 60 lbs (Adult) The average bite strength turned out to be 269 pounds of pressure. Allow me to clear things up. Rep:? Who will win in this Pit Bull versus Cheetah battle? C. CIRCUS Senior member. If left in a forest by themselves with no weaponry of any kind. Boxing Scene Lounge ... Pitbulls are bred to fight, so obviously they win. Some of those “who would win” battles that we love to wonder about do not have to be imagined—they have played out in real life. Plus Lions kill wilderbeasts and male lions are trained to fight early in life. 2489 Pitbull attacks Tiger and instantly regrets it . one bite from the lion would make the gorilla retreat. They have brownish-black hair with strips of light brown along their sides. Tigers prey on large animals: deer, moose, wild boars, and, yes, bears. How would you describe the obsession of zi dima? Because of their energetic body, they grab the attention of many people. Cougars hate to have to do battle with an animal that can fight as well or better than it, including dogs. Scattered throughout history, there are moments when fighters and armies that no one would ever have expected to meet, stared each other down across a battlefield. Pit bulls often win in the fights between them and Coyotes. Think about how hungry an entire pride of lions has to get before they will consider going after a water buffalo. Favourite answer. Pitbull vs lion lion vs pitbull aspin who will win in a fight between pitbull vs lion. Coyote vs Pitbull vs Wolf Fight comparison- who will win? Rott= 265 ,2nd- 328. Pitbull vs rottweiler who would win. Gorillas can beat Leopards in fights when they go head to head mainly because the leopard is smaller but a lion is larger than the Gorilla (a male lion weights 530 lb) and it has 3 inch canines which can leave a gorilla down. Although both the tiger species, the Bengal and the Siberian tigers are powerful; however, if ever a Siberian tiger fight against a Bengal tiger, the Siberian tiger will win because it is bigger than the Bengal tiger and is more powerful. But the answers I’ve read saying wolves have a bite force of 1200PSI is ludicrous. GS= 130 ,2nd - 238 . For anyone out there in doubt who will win between wolf vs pitbull. A mature Siberian tiger can easily weigh over 600 pounds, whereas an adult African lion generally weighs under 500 pounds. A bull might win because it has those long sets of sharp horns, deadly hooves, and tough armor skin for protecting against injuries from the tiger's claws and teeth. Same three fights above, except pitbulls, use Wolves, who would win in our opinion and why? 22 Answers. Archived. Roughly speaking, a tiger is 15-20% bigger than a lion. a siberian tiger vs a pack of wolfs would still be the victor. A bear can use its claws and teeth in such a fight. When should you replace your home-defense shotgun's magazine spring? Tiger lives in a more dangerous habitat than the lion so the winner is the tiger. Wolverines are one of the largest mustelids. The bear also has strong and long canines that can cause serve injuries to the bull . The tiger wins because it has the sharper claws, bigger teeth, is the bigger animals and is more agile. Joined: Jun 14, 2011 Messages: 10,436 Likes Received: 5 Location: Dominican Republic. According to survey we found that 55 % people thinks that Reticulated Python will win the fight, 40 % people thinks that Green Anaconda will win the fight and 5 % have the mix views. Siberian Tiger vs. Pitbull....who wins? who would win in a fight (Pitbull) Vs (Tibetan Mastiff) Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. Grizzly Bear vs Polar Bear? Lions are pretty agile and can leap upto 30feet giving the lion room to maneuver and take out the bloodlusted Pitbulls. It really did seem to be hunting the dog at first, not knowing what it was getting itself into.. Fortunately, these two didn't do any real fighting and both walked away with all their skin! also. Kangal’s muscle is bigger than pitbull’s. before I start I want to say that I don't participate in any animal fighting, this is just for entertainment wise, basically just to see what everyone thinks who would win. Again the lion is larger and more powerful with huge teeth and claws. 86% Upvoted. Info; Share Links; Added: May-18-2019. 0. Who would win this epic battle Assume top 1% of both animals Chomsky Honk, Mar 6, 2017 #1. Pitbulls will absolutely not win in this fight, how is this even conceivable, its only 4 vs 1. trained fighting pitbull vs a fully grown male lion? 784. The bull’s ability to fight is only limited to its head. STOP THIS NON SENSE AND DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE POSTING ONLINE, The tiger totally! Lion baiting even occurred a few times. A tiger is an incredibly powerful predator, it could kill a great dane or any other dog with what would amount to just a light tap compared to his full power. No contest. They already kill animals with more dynamic strength such as a zebra. How about a polar bear or a grizzly bear? You figured even if they swarmed him, get could bat away most of the pitbulls no problem. How old was queen elizabeth 2 when she became queen? While the video is a little grainy, it still appears to be an actual wolf that comes into the scene, and quite aggressively at that.It ultimately leaves with its tail tucked between its legs. I think the lion would win because the Gorilla doesn't usually attack unless needed and the gorilla also doesn't eat meat and that's one reason the lion would win because its fighting for food not for its life. Tiger can simultaneously use both paws at the same time but the lion will be able to use only one of its paws. Rat vs Mouse fight comparison- who will win? The tiger would easily kill the pitbull since the tiger is much Let's go against the weakest one in a fight first the cheetah The cheetah weighs 80 to 140 pounds The biggest pitbull is 90 pounds. Wolf vs Hyena? Dutch Shepard = 232. Siberian tiger vs Royal Bengal tiger fight comparison- who will win? Hyenas = 1000. You might say a APBT is much smaller and not as strong, that the Rot would tear it up. How long was Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister? Bobcat vs Coyote? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. 0. reply. almost every single time the lion attacked it would die extremely fast. I hope you like reading on Python vs Anaconda fight comparison. Thousands of their skeletons have been dredged from the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, indicating that these predators lived in close proximity. if that makes any sense. Share this post. I saw this in my warehouse today. Bear vs Bull Fight comparison- who will win? A Tiger would absolutely obigate a Pit Bull or ANY DOG unless they're trained to be friendly. Relevance. Pitbull vs 3 lions, and now I think you may see a chance of the pitbull losing. If ya'l are so confident your little domestic Pit Bulls have even a chance with a Tiger/Lion, throw it on a wild or even zoo Tiger/Lion and COUNT THE SECONDS. The lion would kill a silverback, not with ease, but it would not have difficulty in doing so. The idea that a silverback is formidable because of its perceived strength is more fantasy than reality, they are nowhere near as powerful as the ignorant masses believe. Also, people would love to see the fight between these two animals, especially when they are grizzly vs tiger. 3 Grown pitbulls vs 1 year old tiger who wins. What Does a Tiger Look Like?. From what I remember, it was 2 … This is one kitty you don't mess with. Pitbulls will absolutely not win in this fight, how is this even conceivable, its only 4 vs 1.

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